IBM's Watson can now help you kick ass in fantasy football August 13 2015

Remember IBM's Watson? It destroyed Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter on Jeopardy! back in 2011. Since then, IBM has been developing it for a wide range of computing problems, but now it has applied Watson's ability to analyze huge data sets to fantasy football.

They've paired it up with the Edge Up Sports app, to help fantasy players dig deeper into the sport.

From the article:

Edge Up has developed tools that track things like NFL players’ Twitter activity, coaching statistics, and articles by leading football writers, all of which could add more arrows to fantasy players’ quivers. By adding Watson to the equation, IBM wrote in a release, the Edge Up app "will access and analyze ever-growing volumes and sources of football and player-related data to generate evidence-based recommendations."


Among the factors the Watson-powered app will analyze are football players’ physical and mental condition, as well as their injury histories, how analysts view them, how weather affects them, how well they play on grass or turf, how they perform against key opponents, and more.


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Wired has one as well:



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